M-i-double s-i-double s-double p-i

Bio: I am a 50 yo married homemaker. I enjoy my horses, my herb garden and growing just about anything. I am very spiritual. I am psychically talented and can see well through my "third" eye. In my world, even as a child, I visit other dimensions at will. I am also a creative writer and photographer. I love to cook and my worship includes music of all genres. I like riding horses, atvs, and just walking around my little piece of heaven. I try very hard not to be chained by anything. I feel blessed that although we don't have material things in abundance, I can spend my days and nights doing what I love, whether that is cooking, farming, taking pictures, reading, writing, or just walking in the woods feeling all the energies and souls that are there. As a young woman, ignorance of my "gifts" kept me mentally drained. I knew I was different, as we all do, but I knew I was very different. My strong religious beliefs kept my thoughts contained until I had to stop the madness and step out of the box. I am more connected and spend more of my time in other dimensions with other creatures and non creatures. I've never paraded my gifts nor marketed them. Actually, in my very small world, I've kept them close to me. It took years to understand and love how I am. I'm not there yet, but I'm a lot closer than I've been. With this blog I want to help others who are gifted understand their dilemma. You can read books, you can find information on the internet, but here, you will find very complex information given in a simple way.

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