Creative Rambling



Over the course of my 50 years, I have acquired many interests, some more important than others. I am interested in history, especially family history and civil war history. I enjoy studying the ancient Egyptians. I am intrigued by the criminal justice system and have a degree in Criminal Justice. My interests in that field are victim’s advocacy, Constitutional law, and gangs. I study sociology because I like to know the roles that society plays in the lives of unfortunates. I am very interested in knowing why people do what they do, why some react differently than others to the same stimuli. I know the answer to that question but it isn’t as simple as it sounds. The intricacy of life experiences in each individual guarantees authenticity in actions. This concept is what intrigues me. 

Animals… mainly horses, dogs, cats, cows, chickens…yea, like Ole McDonald, I love them. I love riding horses, I have a 7 yo qh mare with a filly colt, I might add, (she did, she added it!). My husband and I enjoy trail riding horses, tent camping by the lake with our labrador female, and riding atvs in the muddy lake bottom when they drop the water. So I’m country! Real country. But I have views, a world full. I will be glad to share them with you so that we both might learn something. That’s all that’s meaningful in this old world, learning. Oh, that sounded corny, but oh, well!!